We constantly strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations while increasing the positive impact we have in our global communities. We have a responsibility to be an environmentally responsible neighbor and conserve resources for future generations through sustainable development.

ECCO follows the principles of reduce, reuse, repair and recycle to measure its impact on the environment. Our ECCO Environmental Management System (EEMS) and our lean production methods foster a continual improvement, waste-elimination culture that involves all employees. Together, we work to increase our energy efficiency, decrease water use and waste, prevent pollution, reduce and reuse materials, and recycle wastes from our tanneries and shoe factories.

We own and manage every step

ECCO owns and operates the production of leather, the production of shoes and retail stores worldwide. This enables us to fully integrate best environmental health and safety practices and design into all our businesses and operations. We can develop new initiatives and implement sustainable solutions efficiency throughout our operations.

Corporate Responsibility

ECCO is the only major shoe manufacturer to own and manage every step in the shoemaking process from cow to consumer. While other global brands have outsourced their production, ECCO owns its factories and tanneries worldwide. This guarantees innovative and high-quality products. Leather is a fundamental element in an ECCO shoe. ECCO is one of the five largest producers of quality leather in the world. Only top quality leathers are produced at ECCO’s tanneries which supply ECCO’s shoe factories and external customers. Teams of experts work in our tanneries in China, Thailand and Indonesia, and also in our Research and Development Center in The Netherlands. ECCO also operates its own shoe factories in Slovakia, Thailand, Indonesia and China. ECCO’s production capacity provides special opportunities for knowledge sharing and the exchange of best practice that cut across national borders. Our close and long-standing relationship with our business partners ensures the production of premium products.

ECCO wants to be a good corporate citizen, wherever it operates. The ECCO Group’s commitment to being a responsible company is incorporated in the ECCO Code of Conduct. The ECCO Code of Conduct provides information to guide employees and partners around the globe so that they conduct business in accordance with the company’s standards. Corporate responsibility includes how ECCO behaves towards its employees, communities, the environment and business partners. The ECCO Code of Conduct includes respect for human rights, freedom of religion and supports the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.